Mediating with MacGil Lane Mediation, LLC

Our approach: We promote the use of amicable and creative problem-solving in dispute resolution in both pre-suit and court-ordered mediation. We work either with counsel, or directly with unrepresented parties at any stage of the dispute resolution. Our mission is to facilitate a fair and practical agreement whenever possible at a reasonable cost to the parties. For clients of moderate means, Ms. Gilchrist will accept cases on a sliding-scale fee basis, and is happy to work with attorneys providing limited scope representation.

Scheduling:  Please email or call 239-248-7553 to schedule a mediation. We will follow up with a Mediation Confirmation and Fee Agreement.

Fees:  $150.00 per party per hour, with 2 parties.  For disputes involving more than two parties, please inquire for an estimate. There is no charge for reasonable time required to prepare for mediation, including any review of materials submitted by the parties. There is a required two hour mediation minimum charge paid prior to starting the mediation, with the balance billed in 15 min increments, due at the conclusion of the mediation.

Location:  Mediation conferences can be scheduled at any location in Collier County or Lee County at your convenience without incurring any travel time or expense. Should MacGil Lane Mediation, LLC need to supply conference room space, the parties will be additionally responsible for a minimum conference room charge of $350.